Technology Offering

Wet Granulation Systems

We offer over a decade of knowhow & experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes including scale-up activities. Our strength lies in our wealth of experience with different companies & different national standards.

Complete solution for Wet Granulation with combinations of High Shear Mixer Granulators & Fluid Bed Driers in all capacities including for R&D and F&D facilities.

Fluid Bed Granulation Systems

Complete range in Fluid Bed Granulation Systems in all capacities including for R&D and F&D facilities with Top Spray & Tangential Spray Granulation.

Single Bowl Processors

KEVIN Single Bowl Processors have been developed to provide means for mixing, granulating, drying & blending in a single equipment to achieve total containment.

They are suitable for highly active, solvent-based, hygroscopic, and effervescent or spheronized products as the entire process are carried out in a vacuum vessel so that there are on contacts between product, operator & the environment.

Single Bowl Processors (SBP) are available in capacities suitable for R&D activities as well a for batch production needs

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