Roll Compaction System

Kevin’s Roller Compactors are the first preference of many companies for their dry granulation needs. Our tool-less system, coupled with simplified operation and acclaimed reliability increases productivity. The KMRC provides various features for the formulation development, pilot batch manufacturing as well as R & D departments. The equipment is provided with a robust control system as well. With the potency of the drugs becoming critical, roller compaction technologies are gaining more popularity due to their ability to compact materials in closed environments. Available with various options for cooling arrangements.

  • Completely new design, with twin feeding screws, with the final feeding via an inclined screw.
  • Sophisticated design, allowing complete control over the compaction process.
  • Uniform distribution of force to ensure granules of consistent hardness.
  • Validated force & gap measurement, online.
  • Minimal variation in particle size.
  • cGMP design.
  • Complete Separation of process and drive equipment.
  • Large Touch Screen Interface with 21 CFR Part 11Compliant Software.
  • Ultra high accurate feeding with Servo Technology.
  • Front removable rollers, for easy cleaning.
  • Various formats of compaction rollers can be supplied.
  • Servo Controlled Multi-Mode Granulator.
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