Pellet Coating (Bottom Spray)

Kevin has perfected the process of coating pellets using the bottom spray technique in a Fluid Bed System.

This process uses a typical fluid bed system, but with a modified system to allow the pellets to be fluidized & coated using spray nozzles, installed at the bottom part of the product container. The product container has special inserts that are installed & create a venturi effect to suck the pellets in the spray zone. Once they are sucked into the insert, the pellets move quickly before entering the expansion chamber. Due to the design of the system, the velocity of the pellets is reduced drastically & the hot air helps take away the excess moisture out. The pellets then again fall back into the product container & follow the path via the spray zone for receiving additional coating material. This creates a uniform process allows for a very homogeneous coating on the pellets.

With a very high efficient system for coating & drying & coupled with a very precise computer controlled process, the end result is high quality & consistent coating.

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