High Shear Mixer Granulators

Kevin’s High Shear Mixer Granulators are specifically designed for efficient mixing and wet granulation of powders, providing consistent quality. These equipment offer a wide range of features for raw material and binder charging, variants for setting up, cleaning and automation controls apart from direct connections to the wet mill and downstream process such as Fluid Bed Drying.

Meeting the highest cGMP standards, the High Shear Mixer Granulator is the result of deep knowledge of the specific requirements of solid dosage processing in the Pharmaceutical Industries.

Vessel: Cylindrical design with conical top for optimum mixing quality and wide utilization range | Quick and efficient mixing, even with difficult materials | Thick-walled, solid stainless-steel construction | Effective lid-locking system for high operating safety

Chopper: Tangentially attached | High surface area in the zone of greatest velocity | Effective for compaction of granules and breaking up of lumps

Mixing Impeller: Different type of combinations for specific materials and processes | Minimum bottom and wall clearances for maximum product yield | Blades enlarged at the end to maximize swirl-mix effect

Options: Contained vacuum charging directly from the transport container | System to add the binder liquid by pump | Impeller lifting system for ease of cleaning | Orientation to suit customer’s sites | Industrial PC control with Recipe Management System

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